Terms and Conditions

1. Bookings
a) Applications for the use of room(s) must be made on the prescribed form. The person who signs the application form shall be considered to be the hirer. Where a promoting organization is named on the form that organization will be considered to be the hirer and shall be jointly and severally liable with the person who signs the form.
b) Applicants will, at the time of booking, provide full information about the use to which the room will be put and the room is hired on the understanding that its use is restricted to the use as specified by the hirer.
c) Subletting is prohibited.
d) The hirer must be over the age of 21 years.
2. Fees and Payment
a) The fee for the hire of the room shall be determined from the time of occupation (this includes any preparation time) to the time of vacating (including any removal of equipment). In the matter of fees, payment must have been received prior to the occupation commencing, unless agreed otherwise. Where the room(s) are booked for a series of meetings or events then payment will be due and payable in full prior to the first use or, by the previous agreement of the Trustees, on the first day of the month for all use during that month.
b) Cheques are to be made payable to Bourne Arts and Community Trust.
3. Cancellation
a) In the event of a cancellation of a booking by the hirer 7 days or more notice – No Charge. Less than 7 days – 50% Charge. Cancellations on the day or non arrivals – 100% Charge.
4. Damage
a) The hirer shall be responsible for the removal of any rubbish from the room and to dispose of it. They are expected to leave the room in clean and tidy condition.
b) Nothing shall be affixed to the walls, floors or any part of the interior or exterior of the building. This includes drawing pins, staples, sellotape, ‘blu tack’ and the like.
c) The hirer shall pay for any damage which may be done or occasioned to the buildings or, to the fixtures, fittings, furniture and things belonging to the Arts Centre during the time of their occupation. Any damage shall be assessed by the Bourne Arts and Community Trust and will be the subject of an supplementary charge as would the cost of any additional cleaning required over and above that which would, in the Trustees opinion, be considered normal.
5. Licences
a) The Trustees hold a Public Entertainment Licence. Where a hiring falls within its terms of reference, all conditions contained within it must be complied with. No copyright, dramatic or musical work shall be performed or sung without the licence of the owner of the copyright. The hirer shall indemnify The Trust against any infringement of copyright which may occur during the hiring. Smoke machines and /or flashing lights/ laser lights may not be used.
b) No excisable liquor shall be supplied without the express agreement of the trustees nor shall liquor be sold unless that agreement and the necessary occasional licence for the room have been obtained. The conditions for such a licence must be strictly adhered to.
6. Responsibility of hirer
a) The hirer is responsible for good order and the legality of the activities pursued and shall ensure that the use of the room does not cause annoyance to residents of the buildings in close proximity or to other hirers in the building. In particular the hirer shall ensure that the level of any amplification shall be so controlled so as not to cause a nuisance. The Trustees reserve the right to terminate the hiring immediately if this condition is breached with no hire fee refund.
b) Any property brought in by the hirer must be removed from the room at the end of the hire period, except by prior arrangement. The Trustees shall not be held responsible for damage to any property, or loss of any property, or any injury to any person caused by any property brought into the building by the hirer. The hirer shall effectively insure and shall indemnify the Trustees against any claim which may arise out of the hiring made by any person resorting to the room(s) during the hiring, or subsequently, in respect of any such damage, loss or injury.
c) No additional lights or equipment shall be used without the express permission of the trustees.
7. Health and Safety
a) Bourne Arts and Community Trust has a No Smoking policy throughout the building. Members of the public are requested to respect this policy at all times.
b) No dogs (other than guide dogs) are allowed in the building.
c)The hirer is responsible for complying with the Health & Safety Policy of the Bourne Arts and Community Trust, a copy of which is available.
d) In the event of an emergency evacuation of the building the hirer will be responsible for accounting for all persons present within the building connected to the hire of the room.
e) The hirer agrees and accepts that Bourne Arts & Community Trust has no responsibility to provide First Aider cover during the period of the hire, although there is a First Aid box situated in the kitchen area.
8. Access
a) Representatives of the Trustees, Police and Fire officers shall, at all times, have free access for inspection purposes.
9. Changes to these Terms and Conditions
a)The Trustees reserve the right to change or modify these conditions without notice. Decisions made by the Trustees on the interpretation of these conditions shall be deemed to be final. The Trustees reserve the right to grant or to refuse any application for the hire of the building or any room without the need to give reasons for their decision.